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Hello, my name is Selena. I'm 27 and I'm a cosmetologist. I work for a firm which develops and creates at-home beauty solutions to help every person look and feel gorgeous. Making use of the most recent technology, our products have been clinically proven to smooth, tone and lessen wrinkles, puffiness and sagging skin, offering visible outcomes and long-lasting effects. We have many products and I also blog at about how to make your skin healthier. Pick a cleanser with a mild scent that is suitable to the type of skin you have. They are designed to remove impurities twice daily without affecting the skin's pH. This is typically the time in the early morning and late evening, when you must wash off excessive sebum and nightcare products, as well as the skin after a busy day. Be aware of the formulations: gentle but no less effective products contain glycerinand probiotics that are vital to the skin's barrier of protection, as well as gentle surfactants. The eyelids' skin is a more slender, less delicate layer of skin that has nearly no protection mechanism from the epidermis (the sebaceous glands). It is crucial to take maintain the health of the skin, paying particular attention to the needs of the eyelids. They are non-allergenic and are tested by eye specialists. The products are applied using your fingertips in the morning , and at night after you have completed your primary care. The necessity for moisture always comes first. Just as the human body needs water more than food, the skin also requires moisture much more than, for example, anti-aging products. The absence of moisture in skincare leads to dryness, which can cause dullness, wrinkles that appear early, the formation of sebum as well as flaking. It also reduces resistance to daily external influences. Regularly use moisturizing day and night creams, serums containing hyaluronic acid and other hydro fixatives and masks to prevent dehydration. It is your first step to becoming more attractive.

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